Thursday, November 13, 2008



Custom pens are good for everyone, for every occasions. They are suitable as collectible items and gifts to love ones as well as to colleague and bosses(why not?).
It can be any occasions such as birthdays, promotions, parents day,teachers day, festivals and etc. You can engrave any thing on it. A way to express feelings or information. Engrave any wishes or business advertising, you can find it an effective way to win hearts.
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You can print or engrave your business information on the custom pens for advertisement. Your name, logo, contact informations and others related to your business can be engraved according to your needs. If you choose the right manufacturer, they can deliver pre-ordered custom pens in bulk to cut cost.The custom pens then can be use as gifts to attract clients.


The best way to imprint all the information or wishes is through a laser engraving machine. This way of engraving gives you along lasting product but it is the most expensive. Most custom pens collectors prefer this method of engraving because it add value to the custom pens. The lesser expensive way is through custom pens printing machines. However, sometimes the printed matters can be simply rubbed off.

If you want your custom pens to be extraordinary special, you can choose the material for the body, the clip and the engraving
according to your taste with
some extra money. You can have them made in glass, special selected wood, rubber, celluloid or metal(including gold). How about custom pens made of deer antler with gold and diamond studded clips and engraved in silver letters? A prefect personalized pens gift for the special someone like boyfriends, husbands and fathers.

If you just want to make a truce with someone, the custom pens can play a role
in that treaty. May it be husband to wife, boy friend to a girl or anybody that hired a lawyer to chase you, custom pens could be the one to win over their hearts.
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