Saturday, February 14, 2009

Promotional pens from exhibition "Gerak Usahawan Nasional 2009" and MAHA 08.

These are the pens I collected from "Gerak Usahawan 2009" sponsored by MECD and MAHA 08

Bank Negara,doa,ddec,UDA,Gerak Usahawan Nasional 2009

1. Top pen is from Bank Negara Malaysia. Details on pen:- BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA, Toll free : 1300-88-5465, 1300-88-LINK.
Special features:Beautiful curvy outline -Very attractive!Color - Blue. Attached pocket clip.

2.2nd pen Jabatan Pertanian(Department of Agriculture-DOA). Very descriptive and full of informations. Among them are : Doa logo, address- Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia,Wisma Tani, Aras 17, No. 30, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 4, 62624 Putrajaya. Tel: 03- 8870 3000, Fax: )3-8870 3376
Other side : Slogan: "Pertanian adalah Perniagaan" (Agriculture is Business) with url address -
Special features: Board and flat outline -able to engraved a lot of info for promotions. Very informative. Color: Silver and Black. Attached with adjustable key/tag holder.(oops... this one I'd collected from MAHA 08.)

3.Souvenir pen from Design Development Centre(DDEC). Not much info only logo and name.
Special features: Light. Attractive silver and blue with pocket clip.

4.Souvenir pen from Urban Development Authority (UDA).Not much info only logo and name.
Special features: Rubber grip handle. Transparent orange body. Color: Orange, peach and silver.Pocket clip.

5.Souvenir pen from Gerakan Usahawan Nasional 2009
Special features: Rubber grip handle. Color: Silver tip and end, black center grip and blue transparent body.Pocket clip.

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